Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine what trailer hitch I need?
It depends on the size of the van. In order to properly determine the right trailer hitch, you need to know the towing capacity of your vehicle and the trailer/load gross weight.
When do I need a weight distribution hitch?
A weight distribution hitch is required if the ball weight of your caravan or trailer is causing the back end of the vehicle to sag. As the name implies, a weight distribution hitch re-distributes the towing weight evenly across the vehicle. One of the popular solutions is the Hayman Reese system which is ideal for bringing the trailer back in line with the towing vehicle. It is important that the capacity of the weight distribution system is correctly chosen and that the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations are followed.
How do I stop swaying from occurring?
As anyone who has experience will know, towing your caravan and feeling the unnerving sway can be terrifying and potentially dangerous for you and others on the road. If not corrected, you could easily tip or worse, be involved in a disaster. There are many factors, like passing trucks and cross winds, that can cause trailer sway. Fitting a weight distribution hitch such as the Hayman Reese is recommended to ensure sway is minimised.
Can I invalidate my vehicle warranty if I fit a towbar?
Fitting a towbar will not cause you to void your vehicle warranty. Just remember to stay within the recommended towing capacity of your vehicle.
Are there any regulations relating to towing in different states of Australia?
A set of national towing regulations are now in place for trailers up to 3500 kg aggregate of loaded trailer mass. In other words, the loaded trailer must not exceed the recommended towing capacity of the vehicle.